Bog Mage and Croaker Discounted Upgrades Not Discounted.

We're now officially down to under 2 days left with the new Bog Mage and Croaker Minions being Boosted, however these minions are not eligible for Cheaper Discounted upgrades like the Event says they should be. I've applied two upgrades to my Bog Mage before I realized that they were not discounted.

On iOS i'm running version 1.4.2

It would be nice to have gotten the discounts to upgrade these minions during their respective release event.


  • Hi Denzik,

    I suggest you get in contact with support team.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Start the game
    2. Go to the settings menu (cogwheel top left corner)
    3. Click on the blue in-game help button
    4. From the help menu choose 'problems with my game'
    5. Click on the contact button

    Fill in the details and support will get back to you.

  • edited January 17
    I filed a support ticket for this, during the event, and I never received a response. 
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