Level20 player active looking for a top 50 clan

please place ur guild tag


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    [GenesisCorp] #VTCGA. We're a top 15 borderline top 10 Guild. We spent about a week hovering between top 8 and top 13 for a few weeks of the recent season. Due to life and priority changes some members have teetered off and are currently sitting at #16... We would be competing for a top 10 slot if not for "Life's Calling"... We are looking to backfill 2 slots for the new season. 

    We do expect that at this level most players should have a developed bossing team and understand the boss fights and mechanics. Daily participation in Guild Battles and Donations should be self-explanatory :) 

    We are primarily English Speaking, but have multiple international players. We do highly encourage the use of Discord for strategy and if you're interested please reach out to me (@Denzik) on an Unofficial LoS Discord found here:
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