What are Creature stats?

All Creatures have the following stats:

  • Strength: Shows how much damage a creature can inflict or endure.
  • Hold: Some Creatures don’t attack immediately after merging. Hold tells you how many turns it will take before attacking.
  • Growth: Shows how many strength points a Creature gains for each turn it holds.
  • Critical Hit Chance: The likelihood that the Creature will inflict double damage.
  • Block Chance: Percentage chance that the Creature will fully block an enemy attack.
  • Sync Bonus: Value added to a Creature’s strength when two of the same color attack simultaneously.
  • Merge Bonus: Additional strength gained by a combined Creature after two or more normal-sized Creatures are merged with it.

You can find all of a Creature’s individual stats and manage upgrades on their Creature Sheet, which can be found in the Collection menu.

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