Are you having issues with your purchases?

Having issues with your purchase?

Purchases are usually delivered instantly, but may in some cases take longer.

When such delays occur, it means the purchase is still being processed. There is no need to try purchasing the same pack again - it should arrive soon.

In the meantime please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Reboot your mobile device

2) Make sure the Internet connection is working correctly. If possible try another Internet connection – for instance from WiFi to mobile data

3) Make sure you are logged into your app store (e.g. Google Play, iOS AppStore) with the same account with which you made your purchase

If you still haven’t received a purchase made via iTunes more than 24 hours ago, please contact iTunes support. All payments made toward the game are processed by Apple. You can reach them right here:

If your purchase was made through Google, and you haven’t received your order after more than 24 hours, please contact Google Play directly here: and scroll down to Option 2 'Request a refund on the Google Play website'.

Accidental purchases can be avoided by setting your device with restrictions.

For Google: 

For Apple: 

If you’d like to continue making in-app purchases, set the device to require your password every time you make a purchase (select “Immediately”) or every fifteen minutes.

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