What are the different game modes?

The following game modes are playable in Legend of Solgard:

  • Campaign: The main story quest where you travel through different worlds and battle the Frost Army.
  • Treasure Caves: At Hero Level 5, Embla is granted access to a magical cave owned by the dwarfs of Midgard. Use your Creatures to harvest Sun Gems and Gold, with no pesky enemies getting in the way. This special area can be accessed twice per day.
  • Bounties: At Hero Level 6, you’ll get the chance to become a bounty hunter. Once this mode is unlocked, you can earn Gold by chasing down gangs of rogues and ruffians. Capture a gang of three Bounties in a day to earn a riches chest.
  • The Dungeons: At Hero Level 7, you’ll be able to trawl the dungeons with your Guild. Venture with your companions to explore dungeons, deal damage and help your Guild climb the leaderboard. Each Dungeon is host to four Guild Bosses.
  • Hero Arena: At Hero Level 8, you can test your skills against other players. Climb the leaderboard to win trophies, titles and Diamonds. Watch out for those Wyrms!
  • Boss Arena: At Hero Level 11, you’ll get to take another swipe at the foes you’ve faced and remind them who’s boss! In this mode, you’ll find Idol Molds to create augmentations for your Creatures.
  • Underworld: At Hero Level 12, the ultimate survival challenge begins. Fight your way through Hel’s Chambers and see how far you can get. But watch out - Hel can imprison Creatures by locking them inside Creature Crates!

Some game modes have seasons, such as the Hero Arena, Boss Arena and Dungeons. Rewards are distributed at the end of each season, according to your ranking.

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