How do I reinstall Legend of Solgard on an Android device?

The last option we have to try and resolve any issues with our games is to is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Before deleting the app lets make sure that all your progress is backed up.

If you usually play connected to Google Play, then make sure the last level you played was whilst you were Google Play connected.

  1. Open Play Store on your phone
  2. Search for and install “Google Play Games” on your device
  3. Open Google Play Games app and create an account or login if you already have one
  4. Open Legends of Solgard app
  5. Tap on the Settings icon in top left corner
  6. Tap on ‘Connect’ (green button)
  7. The app will automatically try to connect to Google Play Games with your logged in account

Once your progress is backed up you can uninstall the game.

In order to uninstall the app:

  1. Go to your device's Settings menu.
  2. Open the Apps or Application manager menu (this may differ depending on your device),
  3. Touch the app you’d like to uninstall and select Uninstall.
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