Ability Dust guide

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Ability Dust guide
Ability Dust is an important item in Legend of Solgard. What is it? What does it do? Here’s our guide - feel free to dust it off whenever you need!

How do I level up my Creatures’ abilities?

Creatures unlock their first ability at Rank 1 and their second ability at Rank 2. To enhance each of these abilities, you’ll need two things - Gold, and Ability Dust.

What is Ability Dust?

Ability Dust can be used to power up a Creature’s abilities. This is different from ranking up Creatures, which is done with Sun Gems. Ability Dust comes in red, yellow, green and purple, and must be matched to a Creature of the corresponding color.

Where can I find it?

Ability Dust can be won as loot across various game modes. It can also be found inside treasure chests and the store. Ability Dust can’t be found in Campaign mode.

Does Ability Dust come in different rarities?

No, it just needs to match the color of the Creature. However, the rarer the Creature, the more Gold and Ability Dust you’ll need.

How far can I level up my Creatures’ abilities?

While Creatures can only rank up to level 8, their abilities can be increased all the way to level 10! However, the Creature’s rank determines how far their abilities can be levelled:

  • Rank 1: First ability can be increased up to level 4
  • Rank 2: Second ability can be increased up to level 4
  • Rank 4:Both abilities can be increased up to level 7
  • Rank 6: Both abilities can be increased up to level 10

What are ability stats?

Each ability has four different stats. Here’s how they affect the Creatures in battle:

  • Luck: The percentage chance the ability will have a bonus effect.
  • Bonus: The number of times the bonus effect can take place.
  • Power: The amount of damage the ability can do.
  • Evolve: This is unique to each Creature. It may determine how far a projectile will go, or how much bonus strength will be added to adjacent Creatures when merged.
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