GenesisCorp: Top 15 Guild - VTCGA - Currently Ranked 14 Recruiting 1 Member

Currently Ranked #14 - We are looking to push into the top 10 if not this season but for next.

Buffs: +5hp | +3% crit | +4% Block | +1 Sun Spear

We are looking for 1 Enthusiastic and Active member. Ideally level 20, but Level 19 may be considered if you are nearing 20 or based on Creature Collection. Skilled players can perform above level.

Why GenesisCorp?

Every Season we've improved. Season 4; Rank #93... Season 5; Rank #26... Season 6; #16 We are already in the Top 15 and have been in the Top 10 earlier in the season. We compete with guilds with overall higher level members and can hold our own ground. Come join us as we continue to grow and improve! We're currently on Boss 2/4 of Niflheim. Our Guild Turnover rate is very low. It's been a month since we had to last find a new member.

Guild Requirements:

150g Donation Per Day. We understand Gold is tight, but it goes to a good cause! It's a team effort folks!

Keep an eye on guild chat for Strategy. No need to obsessively check it, but "Situational Awareness" can go a long way!

Be Prepared to have your Bomb and Boss Attempts ready! Fighting the Guild Boss daily is key to progression!

We are primarily English speaking, but have many international players. If English isn't your first language that's okay. :)

Be positive and have fun! We're all working towards the same goal to improve and progress, Let's help everyone get better.

Must have Discord. We use this as a key tool for strategy and communication. (We all know guild chat sucks.)

Have a developed Bossing Team. You must be able to understand the boss mechanics and be able to hold your on Dungeon Bosses and Crystals. (Min Level 4 fully gemmed. Preferably level 5 if not nearing level 6.)

Reply to this Thread Comment, Shoot me a Direct Message, or contact me (@Denzik) on the Community Discord found here if interested: Please do not just join without contacting me. You will be removed, if you join without being invited. Thank you!


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