Things that we want it for this game in 2019!

Hi Developers, Within the start of 2019, I have some amazing ideas that you guys gonna be love it and things that we like to see for Legend of Solgard in this year! In-game features: ● New game mode "Mini-boss Arena": they're a whole lot tougher now and we have a limited time to defeat them one by one! (Just like similar to Boss Arena) but if you know is that the World boss arena time is changing from weekends to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and that's going to be a great idea to be have this game mode in weekends which is Friday to Sunday! ● World 5 Niflheim: The inhospitable realm of forst and icy mist. Not too long ago, this is where Mani the Moon God launched his campaign against Solgard! ● New imporvements to the Hero Challenge: made this mode even better and more fun, first we need real time pvp and it's going to be so incurable if it's gonna happen but second, we need to pay 5 tickets after we complete all our tickets that we have played with them! ● We want new imporvements to Underworld, First fix the invisible dog and second, made the rewards much better, we want so much molds and materials for upgrading our creatures, beating the invisible dog... I mean the wolf ?... means a lot of rewards! ● New feature to the guild system which is Trade tokens, you'll be find them in the Dungeons, Spacial events, Bounties and also you can buy them in the shop as well, Trade Tokens allow you to swap gems with your guildmates... even Legendary gems, Swap 250 Common gems for 250 Common gems that you want, Swap 40 Rare gems for 40 Rare gems, Swap 10 Epic gems for 10 Epic gems and then swap 1 Legendary gem for 1 Legendary gem etc... A Trade Token is required to initiate a trade, but not to accept one. If you start a trade and then cancel it, or the trade is cancelled for any reason, you get your Trade Token back! Trade Tokens are only consumed when the trade is successful. ● Made a serious improvements to the upgrade system which is made the upgrade a little bit cheaper than it was now, it's very hard and difficult to upgrade our creatures! In-game settings: Now we need great imporvements to the game quality and fix the issues and bugs that in the game right now to make the game even better and smoothly. First, start working on the game again for fixing the crash issue that it's happening in the low android devices ( all Android 5.0 and Android devices have 1.0gb ram) and some iphones (phone 6, 6s, 7 and 7 plus) by putting the game graphics quality bad to this devices to make the game a lot smoother! Second, fix the sound effects issues and there's an animations need to be fixed as well and finally made a Facebook connect or Kingdom account or something else to save our progress when we want to play the game from iPhone to Android an example! Balance changes: Last year, we don't have much balance changes happening but now we need them in every updates that it's going to be happening in the near future but for this next update we need to buff Nightcast, Mine Wyrm, Sunblade, Foulsprite, Witherwild and Duzzlepaw. we need also to nerf Elfling, Gloomfang, Grimbash, Tusker, and Fire Strider, Vinebeard and Rock Gronch. Finally, we need improvement to the Campaign mode to make levels a little bit easier! That's a things that we want it to the game this year and hopefully you guys gonna be love but hopefully it's more better than this... and thank you very much guys for this awesome game and bring the best devolopers! Happy new year and Let’s Kick some ice!!! ??? Thanks, MightyWolf


  • Hi there Sēïfãllåh AKA MightyWolf,

    Thanks for the thoroughly feedback and wish list!

    I'll foreword your thread to the game studio so the guys there can take a look : )

    - Mark
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