Can’t connect to server

is there a known issue with connecting?  For the past three days I’m unable to open chests or play any games. I see a red WiFi symbol on all of the screens no matter what.  I’m connected to my WiFi at home. It does the same thing on data. The game has worked fine for over a month. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in this game. This is very frustrating. Please see the screenshots. I use an iPhone XR and just updated to the latest iOS (12.2 I believe).  I hope to get some sort of refund if this issue is not fixed soon.  I don’t want to uninstall because of the amount of money I’ve already spent on this game.  I don’t typically spend in games but you absolutely have to in this game to get anywhere.  Please fix! Thanks!  I’m not able to attach screenshots to the post on my phone. Nice.  Lol. My email address is [email protected]

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