Where's World 5 now? It's been 7 months now...

Hi Developers, Have a great christmas and happy holidays! I'm waiting so much about the World 5: Niflheim with all Solgardians and it's been a while since you've released World 4:Helheim! Every update you adding new creatures and I think that's enough to be playing and be strange to defeat Mani or Hel (idk)! I know guys you've made an imporvements to the game and make game better but it's been a long time now! Nowadays World 5 and new game mode it's a only thing we want now, and stop making new creatures! Please any information about the next update and World 5 in general! Thanks, MightyWolf


  • Seriously agree with this!!!!!!   We seem to be at a dead end and new creatures are cool n all but I'd like to actually be able to play a new game instead of randomly repetitive acts every day.    

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    Agreed but, I think in order for them to release the new world they need those new creatures which are constantly introduced every other week to be released first in order the "find creature/collecting" mechanic to work.

    This is quite sad because for every new world they plan to introduce they need to introduce a number of new creatures which will further dilute the creature pool.

    I would say this was a shortview poor game design decision, but it's not something that is unfixable. I hope that King would prove me being wrong and do care more about game design.

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