getting less gold rewards then others

Why some people getting more rewards from the hunts or bounties? while some of us getting trouble with upgrades, others promoting their creatures easily and beating us. is it fair?

I have an android phone and as i see all the other iphone users are getting more money. why? sorry but i could not go on like that. everyday the difference between us are getting more.


  • I agree.... My girlfriend gets approximately 4 times the amount for bounties and hunts she completes compared to me. It's seems like a ridiculously outweighed amount, and am wondering how a game can justify the unbalance?

  • Same thing here.

    Made a screenshot of it. Both me and my girlfriend have an iphone, neither of us have spent money (nor will we ever with these kind of shenanigans going on).


    Look at the difference. This is me on the recent bounty event:



    Notice how I have 4k gold, and Alfar gives me 550. Now this is my girlfriend:



    Note how her bounties give way more money than mine, and she's sitting on a whopping 60k gold, literally unable to spend any because she gets so much of it, whereas I'm broke after every upgrade.

  • Estoy igual, cuando me van a comparar conclusión demás, llevo un año jugando yymeyahicey y m una cuenta nueva para comparar. En esa tengo 120k y en la antigua 4k...  Ahorrar para épicos y legendarios al nivel 5 o 6 es imposible... 
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