Underworld Spinner Shenanginas (Again)

Hi Devs,

Not sure what the deal is, but it seems like the underworld spinner keeps defaulting to the wrong payout metric whenever there's an update. I just got 5 blanks in a row on the underworld spinner, which absolutely should not happen with the percetages of outcomes you post. It was working fine for several days since the last "dry spell." Looks like it needs to be tweaked again.


  • Hi LiquidMinstral!

    Thanks for telling. I'll forward the issue to the guys in the game studio.


    - Mark

  • Hi Mark and Devs,

    I went ahead and compiled the Underworld spinner data, and decided to share my spreadsheet with anyone who is interested in seeing the actual figures. The Underworld spinner is still turning out rewards that are very different than the posted figures. While we appreciate the new characters and effort put into new features of the game, perhaps the devs should focus on fixing the issues that already exist before trying to add more. Please focus more attention to the bugs, like the Underworld spinner. Thanks!

    LoS Unederworld Spinner Data 9/30-12/24 

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