Hero Arena Rewards Fail


I was really pleased with the Hero Arena changes and the new rewards system -- it made me want to play the Hero Arena constantly throughout the day becuse I was at the point where I hated the hero areana nd only did my two battles/day. I felt like getting the hero arena tokens and being able to spend them as needed helped compensate for the fact that I'm in the "get little gold" group. At least this way I could grind out tokens to redeem for diamonds which would help make up for the lack of gold I'm getting elsewhere. I was saving up my hero tokens for three seasons to cash in on a huge cache of diamonds. I was surprised and REALLY BUMMED OUT that you can't exchange tokens for diamonds except to buy 5 diamonds per day. I would much prefer being able to cash out gettign all diamonds than be forced to buy chests. Being able to exhange all your hero tokens for diamonds would be a way to balance things out, being that I am getting such little gold. Yes, you get a chance for a Legendary gem in the small hero arena chest, but a random legendary gem won't help me in the least. Legendaries are so rare, It will take years to level them unless you spend boatloads of cash, which I am not willing or able to do. I'm a very active daily player, have been on the diamond subscription for 3 months, am level 19 and in a top 35 guild. I still haven't found Lamp Wraith, and have only received 6 total Legendary gems in all the time I've put in. I don't care about a chance at a legendary gem, and don't care about the chest where I might get stuff that helps me. What I care about is diamonds, which I only buy gold with, so that I can continue to level up my core 6 sprites. Please give us the option to do that.

As a final word about legendaries, the top players and guilds get the most opportunities at getting legendary tokens, and that's a small percentage of the population playing the game. You have basically put legendaries out of reach for the average player while the "rich" continue getting richer, widening the gap between your average players and your "elite" players. On top of that, leveling them up and incresing their abilities requires so much gold, that it makes it doubly impossible for the average players to get a legendary sprite strong enough to add to your rotation that matches the rest of your team, level, and the opponents you face. You might want to consider making Legendary gems a little easier to come by so that players at least have the option to save up the gobs of gold to level them up, rather than the option now which is no option, the position I am in: I just won't ever be able to play legendaries.

Anybody else have thoughts about this?

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