New version of Solgard is being rolled out! Version 1.3.4

Hi guys,

Version 1.3.4 of Solgard is currently being rolled out in stages over the next couple of days. Please check your app store in order to update.

New in This Update:

  • New Event: Hero Challenge. Bring 12 creatures into Bouts against your opponents. Win Bouts to earn points toward rewards!
  • Guild Store/Currency: Earn guild currency by helping your guild. Spend your earnings in the Guild Store.
  • New rare creature: Glowbuck! Event begins 24-Dec.
  • New common creatures: Bog Mage and Croaker. Event begins 4-Jan.
  • Bug fixes and polish of graphical elements



Testing Notes

  • Some of you will be trying out a new “auto-battle” option if you’re past the 19th. campaign level.
  • The Hero Challenge is the same for everyone, but some of you will see the event lasting two days and others will see it going for four.


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