Unlimited Mode

I think a mode should be added that doesnt require energy to play. Maybe a live multiplayer mode in which the rewards aren't too amazing to start due to the lack of energy required, but maybe get slightly better with win streaks.


Or maybe a wager mode where players can put up character sharda/gold etc. That also functions live. I'm sure it's much easier said than done, especially when talking about server stress and fluidity of play, but I find myself constantly frustrated when I have no energy and none of the bounty, hero arena, underworld or any other type of play available wanting to play more. Surely the fact that both players must be online and paying attention rationalizes play without energy. It's not like one person can sit and grind away forever without anyone else potentially having benefitted as well.

Just food for though from a player who enjoys playing your game more than you seem to want to allow me. ;-)

P.s. some kind of 2v2 mode would be great too. Maybe each team member has 2 moves that alternate between the members. Each player allowed to choose two of the monster types. <3<3


  • I think you have some great ideas here, especially with the live PvP. Players could choose from a pool of other online players of similar level and character rank, or simply be pared up by those stats like in Shuffle Cats, another King game. Maybe players are rewarded with energy, rather than items (gold, shards, dust, etc), so those players who want to play more can grind out more playing time.

  • Hi Austin,

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I'll move your thread to the ideas section and forward your feedback to the game studio.

    - Mark
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