Invincible character (Gloomfang): Good idea or bad?

So the Gloomfang character went into rotation today in the Bounties and I'm curious what other users think.

My take: It's a horrible idea unless there's a counter for that character/ability. For those of you who don't know, Gloomfang becomes invincible once it is combined, and you can't do a single thing to attack it or reduce it's HP while on the battlefield. In addition, it sends out random attacks upon it being combined, and sends extra attackers when it attacks. My opinion, Gloomfang is WAY too powerful -- there's no way to stop it. Once an opponent gets their Gloomfangs going, it turns into a very lopsided battle, very quickly. If there is going to be an invincible character, there ought to be some sort of character or ability that can counter its invincibility.

Anyone have any thoghts or ideas about this?


  • Hi LiquidMinstral,

    I've moved your thread to the Ideas section.

    I'll check up on it later and forward any further comments to the game studio as relevant feedback.

    - Mark
  • You can block them with Grimbash and Stonefist and I have had some success with Gnawbark.  If that person is using Gloomfang then you use Gloomfang.  Also Gloomfang has zero block use that to your advantage
  • Right, you can put up a defense to block/stop it like any character, BUT you can't do anything to reduce it's power once combined, PLUS the extra attackers it sends are often more dangerous than the Gloomfang itself and there is no warning where they will come from. A Gloomfang that has level 10 Wolf Sisters can send up to three sisters who can each hit for up to 10 damage. That's a possible 30 damage coming from anywhere (in addition to whatever damage Gloomfang itself does). I am tired of getting trucked over by gloomfang in the hero arena where I have my opponent down to less than 10 health, I have 30+ health, and then gloomfang comes out and destroys me in one move. That just shouldn't happen OR there should at least be some sort of counter move or character to oppose that. Maybe a creature that has the power "wolf bait," "creature bait," "beast bait,"  whatever you want to call it, where those extra attackers (wolf sisters) all attack a single target and lose some/all of their attacking strength, so it's only Gloomfang that can actually do you damage. Now that I have seen the destructive over-powered advantage of Gloomfang, I am in a rush to level her up because she is turning out to be the most powerful offensive red creature in the game (by A LOT). So sad -- all that time and effort I have put into my Valk, to be shelved by an OP common that soon most everyone will be using because of the ease of leveling and sheer offensive dominance it can provide.
  • Gloomfang was certainly overpowered when it first came into the arena (even when the boost was no longer active). But now it doesn’t seem overly scary? Just need to put some barriers up to plug the gaps surely?
    Scarier by far at the moment is Raven Master. Make your barriers with him (or her - not really sure) if you really want to fight back...😁
  • I'm guessing you haven't gone up against a level 6+ gloomfang yet with fully enhanced abilities. I agree though, Raven Master is a pain to play against and so hard to level up. I played 5 of its farming levels today and got only 4 Raven Master gems -- so annoying.
  • I enjoy using 0 hold creatures (runners), like the Dazzlepaw, Tusker, and the boosted Redguard; and a good defensive block player like Grimchop.  Run right through Gloomfang to do the most damage quickly, and have your defense ready for the attack.
  • I agree Raven is so hard to beat and doubly hard to level up .
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