The new reward system for some players

Hi dev team, 

I simply wanted to let you guys know that I really like the different reward system some of us are recieving! It doesn't even bother me I'm not getting any tokens (used in The arena shop) for fighting in the arena.

My suggestion is to make this available to all players and skip the arena tokens and arena shop.  Or simply make it a choice for players to choose if they want the gold kind or the arena token kind. That way people who prefer doing arena battles can benefit from the tokens and the other kind who prefer fighting in the campaigne. (just a thought) 




  • I would like to add: I hate that some people are getting gobs and gobs of gold, while others are not. I am in the camp that is not receiving much gold and I don't think I'm receiving much in the way of gems/dust either. All things considered, I would rather have the gold since you can buy gems and dust wiht gold, but not the other way around.

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