No guild-result since LevelUp

Since I reached level 16 the guild searching stays without result. Any idea why? :-(


  • Hi Gethsemane,

    Which version of the game do you have installed?

    Please also check if the Guild search feature works from another Internet connection.

  • It is version Most of the time I have no result at all, sometimes for different countries and never for the World-wide-option. No influence changing the internet-connection. 

  • Hi Gethsemane

    Sorry to hear that the problem is still there.

    Could you please send me your player ID? I'll ask the Game Studio if there is an issue with your account.

    - Mark

  • Thank you Gethemane,

    there's an issue with these requests timing out on our end and we are looking into a fix for this. Hope to have it resolved soon.


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