Ignorning Your Customers

Hello Mark and devs,

As a business model, you guys are obviously trying to make an epic game that can bring in Millions of dollars per day like Clash of Clans, or the like. You're off to a great start as LoS really is a fantastic game with TONS of potential. Furthermore, in a very short time, you have garnered a loyal and VERY passionate fanbase of paying customers. Sadly, however, you are hanging your fans/customers out to dry more often than you are taking care of them. By continually ignoring your message boards, cherry picking occasional posts to repsond to, and not adressing the in-game supprt tickets or questions/concerns/glitches, you are upsetting A LOT of your paying customers. By not addressing the tons of issues that come up here and on Reddit with your fans directly, you are losing customers daily. You will never have the type of successful game that I suspect you aim to have if you continue to shun those who will help make you the millions you seek.

As a business owner and video game designer, it would be in your best interest to acknowledge EVERY post, complaint, and glitch EVERY DAY. There are not that many posts each day, and thus it wouldn't take that much time to manage. Heck, when Mark disappeared for over a week, I took it upon myself to respond to every post on this message board, and it didn't take very long (and I have a full-time job, run a separate company, AND I'm in grad school). I did that because I care about the game and want it to be successful. In addition, you MUST respond to those users who send in-game support requests promptly -- especially since you are telling people to submit their issues there (word on the street is there are so many tickets that haven't been adressed/responded to that no one can submit more -- that's inexcusable!) I've been waiting weeks for my in-game support ticket with still no word.

Show us you care about the game, but more importantly, show US you care about US -- it will go a long way to help keep the fanbase and customers you have, will help ease the frustrations that are ocurring across the board with LoS, and will make your fanbase more loyal and willing to spread the word about LoS. Your fans all want LoS to be successful, but you are not showing us you care about us. Sooner or later, we will give up and just leave, which is sad, because the customer service piece is an EASY one to fix, and right now, the fate of this game really depends on it. It wouldn't hurt either to be a little more liberal in giving out diamond "bonuses" to those who have been screwed by the glitches and issues, at least for the time being while you guys sort out all the problems.

If you need me to collect specific user data (i.e. underwold spinner data) as I have been, please let me know.


  • Hi LiquidMinstral,

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts and concern for the game and secondly; great to see how you have helped players here on the forum! :-)

    I know there has been some glitches in the game and we're currently working on getting everything solved as well as giving everyone a response.

    Furthermore we're currently working on upgrading the forum in order to help more players. This I can soon tell more about and I believe this will help a lot in case of any issues with the game.

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