A range of bugs and glitches

Whilst I think the game is great overall there are a large number of issues - mostly bugs and glitches that need attending to...


1. Some levels on heroic ability do not apply hero arena and guild buffs so health is lower than it should be and the sun charge forward thingy. Not a problem for some but makes some levels INCREDIBLY challenging. Those that I know don't apply the buffs are SUN TEMPLE ( not a huge problem) and NYKORS LAST DANCE (impossible without).


2. With this last update the game is now very unstable and crashes far too much. At best you lose a turn on whatever area of the game. But INCEREDIBLY annoying in the underworld where you get given a 24hr lock out timer. May be the falling snow is melting in the servery thingy.


3. Elflings button cash NEVER hits the gnome in the treasure hunt in the new update. Is this deliberate?


4. Signing into this forum is even glitched. I can't sign in to reply to a thread. I have to sign in to create a thread. Then I can reply to existing threads.


5. I didn't get my rewards from the 2nd boss killed in the dungeon yesterday as my team killed it when I was away from my iPad and I didn't get the "boss is dead open your reward" screen. I believe this also happened to other guild members for the first 2 bosses.


6. I have previously reported an issue via help and been asked to send a photo. My email reply kept bouncing cos your inbox was full. I gave up in the end.


I love the hero arena revamp. But don't like that the boss arena has moved to midweek when I am at work. The game is great but the bugs make it extremely frustrating to play. Some new levels would be great too...



  • I also did not receive a chest for my guild beating the boss while i was away. I agree with all but one thing. I loath the hero arena revamp. The quick cooldown in the old arena was the only way you could continuously play for as long as you would like. Now they have put a cap on how much play time i get with the game without spending an outrageous amount of money for gems. 

  • Additional bugs:

    I started battling a boss yesterday with half of its points already depleted.

    This morning, I was in mid-strike of the final blow to an easy win of a hero arena battle when the game crashed. Returning, I fought the same opponent (identical team except all one rank lower than my team) and lost due to the famous AI improbability effects. This was the first true game crash I've experienced.

  • Actually I have noticed that elfling NEVER hits a boss with his button throw anymore.


    I get that they can't be stunned. But bit frustrating that you can't even get the hits for a button toss.


    Makes elfling a bit useless now in most of the game. And I have put so much resource into him. :(

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