Get less gold reward than my friend and can't look arena shop.

After latest update. When defeat all gangster, my friend and guild member can get 7240 gold, but I only get 1810 gold. And in treasure hunt mode and reward mode, I get less gold too!(still old version data). Even more, my acount can't look arena shop! Please fix the problem.


  • Hi 苗新弈,

    Thanks if you can do a screen recording of this issue. Please upload the video on YouTube or Vimeo, then post the link here and I'll take a look.

    Thanks if you also can include your player ID. This way we can look into if there's any issues with your player account.


  • I've just seen the same thing. Friend of mine gets 700 for winning a treasure hunt, i get 150. She gets a couple of thousend for a day bounties, i get a couple of hundred.

    What's this all about??

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