Back to the Old Underworld Spinner Shenanigans

I'm not sure what you guys did, or why you did it, but the Underworld Spinner is cheating us again.

This is my results from the last few days on the spinner:

12/312:20 pm blank12:30 pm hour3:29 pm blank12/42:10 am heal2:21 am blank2:25 am blank1:04 pm hour1:08 pm heal1:11 pm blank5:14 pm blank5:22 pm hour12/5 7:09 am blank11:30 am blank12:23 pm blank3:19 pm blank7:23 pm blank11:46 pm crate12/6 7:16 am blank7:22 am blank6:25 pm tomb6:28 pm blank6:32 pm blankTotal spins = 22Blank = 15 (68%)Hourglass = (13.6%)Tombstone = 1 (4.5%)Crate = 1 (4.5%)Heal Potion = 2 (9%)This really needs to be fixed as per your POSTED percentages -- otherwise you are ripping us off, and I am a paying customer who has already put plenty of cash into this game.

Some diamonds for compensation would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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