No Green Mystals from the Bounties today

I have 2 days remaining in the Witherwild Event. Today I went to the bounties, the ONLY way to earn Green Mystals, and I am earning 0 for each bounty. They are not showing as a reward either, even though the top of the PLAY screen has the Witherwild Event icon, showing to do bounties for Mystals.

Why am I not receiving any? It is bad enough that I have already earned aenough for 2 chests and not yet received the creature, even though it is 50% chance. This happened last event, I earned 5 chests and each time 50% chance, yet no creature ever. I must be the unluckiest RNG ever to not get a creature in 7 chests at 50%.

Regardless, please where are the Mystals for my current bounties??

Thank you.


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