Is anyone gonna give me an answer ?

this is the second time I send over forum and over 5 mails to support ! THE WHOLE DAY I can’t play because it says server problems ! I don’t understand what’s going on and no one even would give us attention and respond :( 

am really upset and disappointed from the way we are being treAted :( I play like consistently and I spent over 5,000$ if not the double ..and yet i hey bad service and disappointment over and over :( it’s just very upsetting ..I really don’t understand what’s going on..I haven’t got any reply even ! Am just upset cause I feel like an idiot spending all this money for nothing .


  • I mean usually any large game like a king controlled game would say that they are doing upgrades and that we would experience such delays ahead of time ! 

  • Posted by Marcel Lommel 2 days ago

    My girlfriend and I have the same problem [or rather me :-( ]. That's why I don't have any more screens here. We both play the German version, started in the same week, are always on the same progress (level, XP, ...), even play in the same guild and still I only get a fraction of the gold my girlfriend gets.The only difference I can see with us is that she plays on GalaxyS8 (Android) and I play with iPhone (IOS).

    My player tag is: 4d159444-177f-4874-ac16-b5933dc3f39a (just if you want to have look  if its a single problem with my acc...)

    So, dear developers:after many players have reported this problem it's time for you to comment (better you fix your bugs!)


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