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So im just gonna make this super quick and to the point. The newest update is hands down the worst of any game I have ever played. Hero arena was already pretty ridiculous with its unbalanced A.I. But now i have only 5 chances to play it and i have to wait over an hour for ONE to refresh just so I can get my ass kicked by an unfair A.I. this update has pretty much killed my interest in this game. And i am one of those people who have no problem paying for gems.


  • Yes it is very bad. And it's not 1 hour, it's 1 hour and a half, which is even worse! Also some players get super bonus gold while others get so little. Stop making the game unfair.

  • Agreed! It really is a bummer, especially when you land in Legend League, and most opponents you get are equipped with legendary creatures level 6-7, as well as the randomiser playing in opponents’ favour. Dear devs, please, bring back the good old 5 minutes wait tame for Arena turns! 

  • Agreed. 1,5 hour is harsh. Please put it back to 5 mins. 

    Also, i suddenly get just about no dust from caves. Before Update i could collect around 1.000 (in my current Cave). Now i Can barely collect 100. Thats gonna take a few caves, to Update just 1 creature to full lvl 10. 

    Other than that, im fairly pleased with the Update :-) 

  • Agreed. The fact that you can pay with gems to reset your 5 attempts does not sit well with me either. It makes this new 1.5 hour timer look like an obvious money grab. You make enough from the rather high prices on gems to give us the old arena timers back, dont you devs? 

  • Hello everyone. At first, I wasn't a fan of the new Hero Arena, but now that I have played it for a couple days, I have a different take. I actually like the changes.

    1) Now I have a reason to play the hero arena thorughout the day, rather than just my requisite 2 per day to get my daily quest bonus. I'm actually looking forward to playing the hero arean now. Also, I love the new reward system that makes if far more worthwhile to play the hero arena, and give us option on how to spend our hard-earned coins, whihc is great!

    2) It's all about racking up wins now, not getting to the top of the leader board -- that means, it's actually good to lose some matches so that you get re-matched with weaker opponents. Ranking really doesn't matter, so don't stress about it.

    3) Yes, the cooldown time will take some to get used to, but it levels the playing field and makes the battles more important to play throughout the day. Of course, you can pay $$ for additional turns, which inevetiably some will do, but most won't. Like with any other free-to-play games, there are going to be those idiots who spend gobs of money to rank up their characters, that's just the nature of these types of games. Let them! It doesn't have an impact on you and you getting your loot, since those big spenders will get moved up in leagues.

    4) Yes, there are those rediculous incidents where go up against a weaker team and get unfairly steam-rolled, but on the whole, if you play a weaker team or an evenly matched team, you will win more than 50% of the time. (Pay attention to how many time YOU get really "lucky" draws -- it's probably more often tha you realize).

    5) My one issue with the current Hero Arena: There should be a max level that a player can be, in order to be in a specfic league, OR have creatures at a max level (or both). It's not fair that in "Expert League I" I'm going up against teams that have creatures at level 6 & 7 when most of the league is creature levels 3-5. For instance, "Expert League I" should not have anyone over level 17, or creatures over level 5. Obviously, players are losing on purpose to drop down leagues so they can truck through weaker opponents. They need to add a feature to prevent that from happening, like adding a max level for each league level.

  • But the quick refresh was the only thing that made the game playable for longer than 15 min. It takes 10 min for 1 energy to refresh and it takes 10 energy to play a single level in campaign. So me at level 18 can only play 5 levels before I'm out. It takes 30 min for bounty attempt cooldown, 4 hours between tries for treasure cave, and 3 hours for the underworld cool down. Im not playing games to sit and wait. And im certainly not paying for them either. In fact I'm only playing long enough to finish out this dungeon season because i owe it to my guild. It's not their fault my enjoyment for this game has gone the way of the previous version (pre-update).

  • I'm not sure what you're doing, but with the current version, I get up to 2 hours of play time per day without paying for extra turns. It's a casual mobile game, not designed for playing for hours and hours at a time like a console game. If you play periodically throughout the day, you get plenty of free playing time.

  • I used to be able to keep on doing arena battles when all my other timers were on cooldown. With the new update I actually hit an ‘end’ because my arena timer also has a reachable cooldown timer now. That’s when I close the game down and look for other entertainment, where otherwise I would still be invested in this game and keep on playing. This creates the risk of losing customers. 

  • What i was doing,  was enjoying a very well made game. And in every other aspect of the game it's a great game. But you're right i will go searching for other entertainment and i will support them. Like i said in my original post i don't mind paying for gems. It allows me to play longer and it supports the developers so they can keep making a quality game. But this was a step in the wrong direction. I will continue to pay money in games but unless they change it back, I will not spend that money here. And im sure me not spending money doesn't hurt them at all, after all they are still banking on those who play candy crush, but im also quite certain I'm not the only one who feels this way. 

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