Leveling up, donations and rewards

I have been playing this for a while now, the exp you get is too low, it took almost a month of playing the game daily to level up once, donations for the guild is ridiculously high with little reward, and some of the chest give you garbage for rewards. The game is awesome but some small tweaks should be done to keep people interested.


  • Hi Cedinio,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass your thread to the game studio. The game is young and there might be some tweaking coming up so that all aspects of the game is performing well.

  • I agree that guild donations is ridiculous but I also read on this forum that some guilds get around this by moving 20-30 players in and out of their guild on any given day to help with gold donation and guild boss attack which is not being addressed by devs. Instead, devs increased donations needed for guilds to compete with this high donation guilds.  Cedinio  suggest this to your guild leader or yourself (if guild leader) to help out. 
  • It seems as though there are some top guilds that are doing this. It imagine some players have multiple accounts they keep cycling through on a given day to get more guild donations, bombs, and boss attacks. Hopefully the devs will add some changes to prevent this from happening, like a cooldown period to join and guild once you quit one, a cooldown period to attack/donate/use bomb after you join a guild, or limit a as to how many attacks/donations/bombs are allowed per day from each guild.
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