Recent Huginn Bounty Battle Glitch?

I want to begin by saying I love the bounty fights. At times they are extremely unfair, as occaisionally I am way overmatched, but usually I look forward to the bounties everyday as they most closely emulate campaign mode levels and are fun to figure out the right strategy and combination of characters to use to battle.

Today I am going up against a gang , The Bow Pier Boom, and have beaten everyone except Huginn on the bottom row. This match is stupidly stacked against us. It's bad enough going against three (not four) very strong characters, but then having two 14-strength crossbows hiding behind two 15-strength walls puts it way over-the-top. That is serious over-kill. I can't even come close to defeating this group. After probably 10 attempts, I came up with a new strategy: use my roughpaw and tusker to boost up my catapults and see if that will gelp turn the avalanche into my favor. The problem is, I boost up the catapults, and then at the end of the turn, they reset to 5. What the heck?!  Can someone please look into this because it's bad enough you give us a nearly impossible battle, but resetting our catapults every turn is just asinine.

Also, can someone clarify for me: when we take down a gang of 6, are we supposed to get a chest at the end like we do with the daily 3? I feel like at times I get a chest, but most of the time I don't.


  • I noticed the same issue with the catapults resetting and losing their buffs at the end of every turn.
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    @LiquidMinstral - When you finish a Gang of 6 You generally do not get a "Chest". The Final 6th Gang Boss just rewards a heap of gold or gold + Raid Tickets. Generally when the Gang of 6 appears you can see the total amount of rewards you will receive from defeating the entire gang lumped up and listed on the "Play Screen" special event card. 

    Oh shoot - that's a Necro'd Post... Didn't realize it was from a while back. 
  • I can’t defeat this boss either.   I’ve tried 20 times.  I defeated all the others.  Bizarre. 
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