Leveling up your "B" Team

Hi everyone. As I'm progressing through the game, it's clear that I have an "A" team of 4 (maybe 1 or 2 others are strong enough to rotate in), with the rest being the "B" and "C" teams. The problem I'm running into is that often times I can't use my "A" team, while my "B team" is not so good, and "C" team is downright awful. I want to upgrade my B & C players, but when I play their respective "heroic levels" to try and get shards, I get a paltry amount or none at all. Besides, I'm using up all my energy playing the heroic levels on my "A" team characters to continue to level them up. This got me thinking about the game mechanics, and how they might be changed to enable players to level up more characters besides their top 4 or 6.

In most any RPG, when a character is used in battle, that character gains XP, or something of the like, from the experience it had. In this model, the more you use a character, the more quickly it levels up. That's not the case with LoS, and maybe it should be. What if there was a metric built into the game that increases the chance of receiving shards for a character when it is used in battle? That way, I can still use 2 or 3 of my A team characters and have their strength help support B & C level characters on more difficult levels they wouldn't normally be in the rotation on, in turn gaining more XP (shards) for those characters. The way the game is set up now, it does not promote the use of anything other than your A team, so we are stuck in the endless cycle of only using a handful of players. If the devs want more diversity in the use of the characters, there should be a system established that ecourages players to use other characters besides their A team.

Thoughts anyone?


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