Bounties. Bandits wont progress to Rogues

I have captured all the Bandits - Greendale Goons.  The game wont progress to Rogues.  I have done this 3 or 4 times. Help

Player id 1d02e462-4090-45a9-9ea7-4a21804a3c85



  • Hi Jacquie,

    Sorry for first seeing your post now.

    If the issue is still there then please get in contact with support.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Start the game
    2. Go to the settings menu (cogwheel top left corner)
    3. Click on the blue in-game help button
    4. From the help menu choose 'problems with my game'
    5. Click on the contact button

    Fill in the details and support will get back to you.

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