Grimbash OP?

Heya - been playing the Wicked Misfits Gang 3 bounty quest for ages now.  On this level the Grimbash is clearly OP.  Any passive damage done against it hits back for at least 3 per hammer throw.  I had 3 x gronch hitting it and it firing back the same amount of damage.  Cracklehoof lightning exactly the same, passive floor fire damage.....same.  Thats before I get onto the punishing Gronch fire from enemy and the bolt thrower and the catapult.

I cannot see how I can clear this bounty stage for ages as I have to grind so long to boost my characters ;-( . 

Sadly ruining the bounty quest for me at the moment :-(((


  • Unfortunately, that is Grimbash's special ability, and it's super annoying going against a high-level grimbash, especially with level 3 & 4 characters. I feel like it's too powerful too. Try fighting Grimbash using characters that don't throw stuff like roughpaw, tusker, and rotbite. I also use grimchop since his blade only goes forward and does not target players. Grimbash will automatically get targeted for any character that throws stuff, as it's part of its ability.

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