Hero Arena and Pay to win

So lemme get this straight: in order to complete my daily quests I HAVE to participate in the hero Arena. 

Which means I HAVE to fight other people. 

So me, who doesn’t have much money, up against people who have better characters because they most likely spent money on diamonds to level up their characters since this game literally will not give you gold for anything. 


So, just like South Park phone destroyer; as long as you spend money on the game you can beat everyone. 

Pay to win systems are garbage. Just like this design. 


  • The hero arena will bump you up or down a league level based on your ranking at the end of the season. I do my necessary 2 hero battles per day and that's it, until I have a strong enough team to make a push for a top ranking. I was frustrated at first too until I figured out how the hero arena league works, and it actually works out pretty well once you understand it.

    You're right though, anyone can pay a bootload of cash to get a top ranking team, but it takes A LOT of money with how their system is set up, and most people aren't going to do that. Remember, it still is a new game, and the devs only benefit from having a fun, fair system set up, otherwise they won't get a large amount of users and the game will die off before they actually start making money from it. I can pretty much guarantee they haven't made a dime off this game yet, so they are probably working hard trying to improve the issues.

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