Level 135

There is absolutely no way to beat it.  3 months and no luck.  Any hints?  I dont even bother anymore.  I'm killed in 3 hits.


  • Like Cinther, I lovED this game. I progressed rapidly thru the early levels, as everybody does, I suppose. You get sucked in so easily! Then I hit that magical ‘ceiling’ beyond which you have to spend spend spend if you want to progress. Bounties beyond the 7th gang are well nigh impossible with my creatures of levels 3 and 4. When I do spend the day slogging at it and finally scrape thru all 3 opponents by the skin of my teeth, the rewards are paltry. Maybe 2000 gold in total, which might improve one power in one of my creatures. Similarly, with a lvl 15 character, it has become increasingly difficult to maximize rewards in the treasure hunt yet the rewards are still a miserly 400 gold or thereabouts. At lvl 157 in the campaign, I nearly gave up. Only the fact that I’d just joined a new guild kept me going. Finally I got through it, only to be similarly halted at lvl 159. This has ceased to be fun. My constructive suggestions are :Increase the rewards for bounties by an order of magnitude from the seventh gang Increase the treasure hunt rewards once the treasure gnome’s HP goes beyond a certain limit Increase the amount of powder, gems and gold under the rainbowHave some way of increasing luck in general - I am convinced there are times when I’m operating with negative luck, as a long time hack/rogue player, I know this is a game developer technique (showing my age here lol)I’m going to stay until the end of this season to support my guild. If things haven’t improved by then, I’m outta here. There is no point in playing a game where you have to pay to win. That is not a game, it’s a commercial exchange.

  • Oops replied to wrong question. Tried to delete and failed. Apologies. 

    I also struggled thru lvl 135. I focused on throwing and projecting creatures to get thru it. Hobling elfling rock grinch and night cast in the end I think

  • I had the same issue, as it's a really hard level. I finally beat it using hobling and elfling, who both stun opponents -- this made all the difference. I also used Rock Gonch and tusker to round out my team. It took me days to figure out that combo to get through it.

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