Can we get some effort put into this game?

Ive been playing this game for a few months now, and i quickly got to having nearly all of the characters possible. I've now been stuck on a level of the campaign, and I've found there to be nothing else to unlock. I have all the game modes, and i find the last few unlocked to be relatively boring and not very rewarding. The boss arena comes up so sparingly, and when it does, ill miss one day because i dont check it anymore, and now i cant play for for another few weeks. Even when i do complete all 3 boring boss fights, i barely even get anything to call a reward. There has been ONE major update since ive been playing this game, almost since its release, and it released 1 person instantly and another in TWO WEEKS? First of all why even release just 2 people, and on top of that youre going to make it a pain to even get shards for the foulsprite in the first place, and then the second "common" 2 weeks later. If this game continues to stay where its at, i dont see any reason anyone should keep playing it. Just because you make a ton of levels doesnt mean you made content. I can do about 6 to 8 campaign missions at max energy and then i have to wait all day to try again.


  • Hi Faron, sorry you're frustrated with the game. I have felt many of the same things as I have been somewhat addicted to the game for the last 2 months since it was released on iOS in the U.S. There are a couple things I keep in mind that helps me keep things in perspective:

    1) The game is still really new, and the devs are working to improve it -- making a great game ultimately serves their own interests and makes them more money, so I'm sure they are working hard behind the scenes. Take for instance the Underwold spinner. It was coming up blank about 75% of the time and a lot of us on this board complained about it with data to back it up. It was fixed in the last update, so they are listening to us!

    2) It's an RPG game, and in any RPG game, there is going to be a given amount of "grinding" away at the same levels over and over again to build up your characters. That's just the nature of RPGs.It's either your thing, or it isn't. As a casual mobile game, I like that there is a certain amount of grinding to it.

    Even when you run out of energy, there are so many other game modes to play. Between the Underwold, Treasure Caves, Treasure Hunts, Bounties, Rainbow Events, (crappy) Hero Arena, Dungeons, and Boss arena, (on top of the campaign mode) I can usually get 2 hours per day of game time without paying for more. That's a lot of playtime for a casual game, if you think about it.

    I'm suprised you think the Boss arena is borning. Those, for me, are so exciting and nail-biting because the rewards are huge (in my opinion), and I don't know if I'll be able to get enough rounds in to kill him before it resets. This happened to me once, but fortunately, they have been happening every 7-10 days, so it's nice they keep 'em coming. Also, they are the best place to receive materials for idols and molds, which are the hardest things to acquire in the game (especially the "block chance" materials").

    I like that they are releasing 2 new characters, although I feel that they might both be a little overpowered. At least they are common and rare, so everyone has a chance to use them, unlike the Legendaries (damn you grimbash!). I think they are trying to create and introduce characters that people will actually use. If you look at most players, there's only about 8 or 10 characters that get used regularly, so it;s nice to see them trying to mix it up.

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