GenesisCorp: #VTCGA | Ready to Push into the Top 25! - Recruiting 1 Member lvl 15+

Ranked 26th Last Season!

Buffs: +5hp | +3% crit | +3% Block | +1 Sun Spear

Currently in 3/4 of Jotunheim. We're expecting to make it into Niflheim before the season is over. We got there last season!

We are looking for 1 Enthusiastic and Active member lvl 15+... (The higher the better). We are looking to push ahead into the top 25 and aiming for a top 20 finish for the season! We can certainly get there. It is still early in the season, so come grab those reward chests as the bosses go down!

Guild Requirements:

- 100g Donation Per Day (most people do 150g anyway). We understand Gold is tight, but it goes to a good cause!

- Keep an eye on guild chat for Strategy. No need to obsessively check it, but "Situational Awareness" can go a long way!

- Be Prepared to have your Bomb and Boss Attempts ready! Because those bosses are going down!

- We are primarily English speaking, but have many International players.

- Be positive and have fun!

- Fight the Guild Boss daily.

We have a discord, but it is optional. Mostly used for assistance, questions, and additional resources!

Please Reply Here if Interested!

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