I enjoy pvp immensely in games. But this pvp system would have to be the most unfair I’ve ever played. For 3 reason’s! Firstly why does the first person only have two moves? Secondly, why is it when an enemy gets stunned, for example, they are still able to get there ability off? It makes your characters ability rudandant! How is that fair on your team, when you stun one of there’s, and they in turn stun your character or just get any of there abilities off? And lastly, don’t call it pvp when it’s clearly not “player verses player”, it’s player versus AI. And we all know AI always has an advantage as they know where the placements are going to be. I’m am so frustrated right now with PvAI as I win a match, maybe two in a row, if I’m lucky and then the points get all taken back. Since getting into the Masters League I have never even made it too the first benchmark for a chest. It’s hard enough getting gold in this game to lvl your characters as it is and now that Avenue is no longer available. 

Devs please rethink the mechanics on your pvp system. Because as much as I love playing this game, it will be the very thing that I enjoy most, pvping that I stop playing the game if it stays in this format. 

Regards, Demoniqué 


  • Hi Demoniqué,

    Sorry for the reply time. I've just seen your feedback for the PVP function and will make sure the guys in the game studio gets your feedback.

    - Mark
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