Unfortunate Mechanics of Idols

I'm feeling that the idol mechanics are not appropriate for the game and gameply. I know others have commented about this, but I wasn't sure where to place this post so that people would actually see it.

Firstly, where do you get a hammer? I'm level 14 and have not come across a hammer yet. Althoguh, I am concernced about using a hammer -- what will it cost? Will it destroy my idol? Whill I get anything form it, or will I get to keep my idol intact? There doesn't seem to be any documentation explaining this.

Secondly, idols are faaaaaar too difficult to get for the minor buffs they give you and the apparent permanency of them makes it so you become afraid to use them. For instance, the first mold I got, I made an idol as soon as I could and assigned it to my favorite creature. I am so upset I did this, now realizing how sacred those materials are, especially since it was a low-level idol that didn't give me the buffs I really wanted. Not to mention, I can't remove it now that it's placed since there are no hammers anywhere. At this point I have two other idols made (which again, I wish I hadn't made those particluar ones, but early on, I didn't know), but refuse to place them on creatures for fear of not being able to remove them. In addition, now I have a higher level of mold that is more along the lines of what buffs I want, but I can't make it because I wasted so many materials on the other idols I created.

Please consider changing the mechanics of idols. At the very least, make it so you can move idols from one creature to another without penalty (or losing the idol). Perhaps, get rid of the hammer altogether, since they seem to be completely absent from the game anyways, and allow idols to be moved freely by the user. Secondly, make it clear to users how idols work from the beginning so everyone is on the same page and knows exaclty what they are getting into when they decide to spend their precious materials to make one. I tried to find documentation on idol mechaincs on your website, but there was no clear information anywhere. Third, make materials more readily avalable. I have been playing the underworld levels for about 2 weeks now, and it is soooooo slow going getting materials. I get maybe 1 per round, 2-3 if I'm lucky, and I play everyday mutliple times per day. But when you need hundreds of materials per mold, I'm going to be collecting materials for months before I can build the idols I want and need.

I would appreciate you looking in to and considering changing these aspects of the game.


  • Well I just revived an old thread about those hammers, not sure what the motive was behind removing them. Seemed expensive to buy them too..

    Apparently dismantle gives you a little bit of materials back and serves more to make room on the creature for a new idol. Not really what I had in mind.

    Maybe if Dismantle would give you all the materials you used on the idol back while only consuming the mold that was used then it'd be a good option. You lose the mold but gain the materials back.

    That way you could actually craft subpar molds and use them until you get better ones.

  • LiquidMinstral; you'll need to be hero level 15 before the hammer gets available in the shop.

    I've seen your other thread and will include this one as well as feedback back to the dev team.

  • Thanks for the clarification!

    It would be nice if that information was somewhere in the documentation. There are so many details of the game that are hard to find info. for, so I appreciate the feedback.

  • BTW, I am level 15 and have not seen a hammer yet.

  • I'm level 16, and just saw my first hammer opportunity in the shop today, not that I need it. My critique goes to the available mix of levels for crafted idols. Half the molds seem to be for level 1 creatures, and are therefore useless. I have no more level 1 creatures, and by the time I was eligible to start collecting materials, I had only one or two level ones. The remaining molds seem split between levels 3 & 5, and legendaries. I'm guessing they'll be useless by the time I gather materials. The concept is great as a means to boost creatures ever higher, for truly advanced play... Eventually. But it will not work if the levels of molds become obsolete.

  • Sylvan -- The "level 1" on the idol just means the minimum requirement for assigning an idol, not the absolute requirement.

    BTW, I'm level 16 and still haven't seen a hammer, and now I really need one since I got a rare idol finihsed and want to place it on a creature that already has one.

  • So I finally got a hammer to show up in my shop. Yay! BUT 600 diamonds for 3 hammers!? Are you effing kidding me?! That's $6 for 3 hammers -- 10% of what a premium game costs. Really?! Come on guys, stop trying to bleed us dry with the overpriced upgrades -- especially when you don't tell us that it's going to cost us money to remove our hard-earned idols. I would never have placed that idol to begin with if I'd have known it would cost me $2 to remove. $2 to remove a stinking idol! Can we say total rip-off?

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