End of hero league reward failure

i completed the league in the legendary league but when issues my reward chest it, before being able to tap it to open I am immediately taken back to the league view. I know I have not collected the chest automatically as typically the reward includes gems and my gem count has not increased.

i believe this has happened to me for several league rewards but was not as clear as I had more gems at the time and couldn’t be sure that they were not added automatically.


  • Hi Cavalan,

    Thanks you can post a screenshot of the game settings - this way I can grab your player ID and look into the issue


    @Linda >> Thanks, we'll have a look to see what happened with the reward.

  • Hi Mark, 

    Wondering if you guys have looked into it yet and hopefully I can receive the chest I never got?! Really frustrating since the arena is one tough place to compete in, so would be lovely if one could actually at least get the reward chest. 



  • Hi Linda,

    I'll do a follow up and write you back once I know more.

  • Mark, the same ting happened again. The chest only flashes by and not receiving what's inside.


  • edited October 2018

    Posted by John Echevarria a few seconds ago

    I didnt receive my hero arena end of season chest. I went to tap and it just put me back at the screen to choose an opponent and like the my fellow gamers in this thread have said nothing was received or added to any of my resources.  

     Player id:d8e1c7cf-a018-46dd-873e-77e2e2fc3dfd.


    It wont let me attach a screenshot of anything

  • @John Echevarria >> Thanks for providing your player ID. We'll look into your player account to see what happened.

    @Linda Peacegrove >> We're currently checking your player account to see what went wrong.

    @Cavalan >> Never heard back from you. Thanks if you can provide your player ID.

  • Hi John, Linda;

    We have located the issue on your player account. Please restart the game while you have Internet connection and the reward should be available.

    - Mark

  • Mark, 

    I appreciate this a lot! Thanks for getting to the bottom with it :) 

    I hope it won't have to happen again! 




  • Hi Mark,

    The same problem; not the end if the league chest, but the first 500 reward in Grandmaster League. I just didn’t receive it.

    Player ID: 26de83bf-f226-4aea-9080-493dad1c6c14

    Thanks in advance f your help./Chouchou


  • Hi Mark,

    Did not receive the rewards (Valk and Chest) from moving from Master to Grandmaster League (rank 49 I believe).  

    Player ID - d99db0a2-8a3f-46a6-b15a-a4c7f6609cee

    Thank you.

  • Hi Mark,

    I too had the same thing occur to me on the league that ended today. A chest appeared briefly, but disappeared and took me right to new matchups wihtout allowing me to access the chest.

    My player ID: 6efa02cc-dc62-4689-82c3-1ed0ee0c8d9a


  • Hi Lee Tol and Liquid Minstral,


    Mark is not around these days but I'll make sure your notes are taken to the studio and that we act on it as soon as possible.




  • This has happened to me as well at the end of every season. I just figured it was a known bug

  • Hello,

    Again today, I wasn't able to access my chest at the close of the Hero Arena season. It showed up on screen for a split second and then took me to the batlle selection screen without letting me open it.

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