Rock Gronch is bugged you know?

When it kills something with its rock throw it gains strength from its other ability "power stone", don't think thats supposed to happen. This makes big Rock Gronch really strong in Hero Arena because it keeps killing multiple uncombined creatures and it grows and grows...

Funny how you fixed Stone Fist who had essentially the same bug on it, that his shockwave ability was affected by the Fist First shrapnel prior to an earlier patch. But not the Rock Gronch? Guess you only want to fix what allows us to get more from treasure hunts.

Kinda like making Hero Arena AI harder and reducing moves makes everyone gain less rank points overall which equals everyone being less able to unlock all the arena chests each season. Meaning less rewards, thats really what you were aiming for with that isn't it?


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    It's in its passive description, it's not bugged at all. Every turn it holds, the Rock Gronch will throw a boulder at the strongest enemy, dealing x-x damage. x is added to the Rock Gronch's Strength if an enemy is destroyed.Mine for example deals 5-7 damage and gains 2 strength for each killIt's other power is: It's hard to stop a Rock Gronch on a roll, especially when they get 2-3 added to their Strength for each kill they attack.It should be noted that at max rank it's 3-6 strength added per kill for power stone, and 4 strength per kill for boulder hurl

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    Huh, it seemed too powerful to be an actual mechanic. Guess I didn't read that skill fully... Well then, it needs a nerf.

    The Sundrench deserves that kind of power because she only shoots forward and her stats are weaker. You realize the Gronch is too strong right?

    On another note, when both Gronch and Sundrench are stunned they still shoot their ability, probably not only them but others like the Treant. Thats an actual bug, as stun should shut down a creature completely for one turn. That includes Grimbash, she should not be throwing axes in retaliation when stunned.

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