Game app crashed and now it won’t load

hi me game app crashed and now it won’t load.  At the loading screen it boots me out of app to home screen.  My game isn’t saved and i’m nearly level 11 so I don’t want to lose my progress and more importantly the money i’ve spent in the game.  What do I do? 


  • Hi Dana,

    If you didn't connect the game to Game Center or Google Play then your locally saved data are at risk if you try a re-install of the game. 

    The safest solution would be to wait for updates to the game. Once updated the game should start normally and the first thing to do is to connect to Game Center / Google Play! Should something happen in the future to your mobile device you'll always have a safe backup of the game in the cloud.

  • @PooBar found this previous post that may help you.
  • Thanks @zzzz , wonder how long it will be until the next update. Shame this happened because of an update in the first place. 
    Perhaps @MarkHawk will have more info. I hope so..... so sad. 
  • I'm here for you @PooBar : )

    Mark Hawk will probably have different instructions by morning.  He's DaBomb!

    The info I shared was all I could find in the Forum so far.  I'm still learning, and will learn more soon.

    Just keep the checking the Forum for news.

    I worked in an IT Dept, and know how crazy, all hands on deck, it can be when something goes wrong.  No time to post news while working the problem out.  Had a secretary that would do an all users or specific users post to let people know they were working on fixing (the problem description) and another broadcast when the problem was fixed.
  • Hey @PooBar

    Ever hear that silly, sometimes annoying, sometimes inspiring song..

    The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow.... it's only a day away!

    Hang in there and hit me with a...Yay! all fixed... message when you're up and running : )
  • Hi guys,

    Already updated the other thread about this issue.
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