AI in Hero Arena is literally cheating



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    Why not ! but for the most part players are making micro decisions during the season: should I stay or should I  go. If you have 6 fights with six loss at the right moment, to say, just above or below the top 100 in LL, two days before the end of a season, people will prefer to go to GM3. Global stats are useless to players because their are just means over a season and fail to capture that their are more or less detrimental series  of loss depending on the moment they occur
  • I see that many players are doing the same choice as me : voluntarily loosing their fights to reach the 250 rank to go back to the far less frustrating and more profitable GM3 
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    For me this prove that HA don’t have a         « healthy » gameplay...another unresolved failure in this game among a lot of other unresolved failures. You  said « amateurish », did you ?
  • It's been suggested sooooo many times -- they need a power gating, so if you are above a certain power level, you can't move down.
  • 3 players full Mythical are monopolizing the first three ranks of GM3...a power gating would be useful for sure ! They are lvl 7 to 10. When i see how difficult it has been and continue to be for me to obtain mythical gems, I am very angry and more and more willing to delete this game 
  • Power gating? It would be a good thing. On the other hand I don't mind having a go at higher levels than me (now and then), it's sort of encouraging and motivating to see how powerful your chatacters can become. But it's not the main thing to change. Just program the damn AI to have the same likelihood than other players, or just let real players battle each other in a tournament mode for example...fair and square
  • I had an idea yesterday on the power gating, with a twist. Each tier has a maximum power score you can field for that tier, so even if you have a super strong team, you can't use them because each tier will have a limit. That way players can still move up or down the tiers as before, but a LL player will only be able to use a team with a max combined power score of, say, 20000 in GM3 if they move down.
  • Now their are four three-mythical teams monopolizing the four first places on GM3 AND THEY are 400 points ahead ! 
  • No competition no merit no pleasure no mythical gems for players who can’t spend the money they spent ! UNBEARABLE ! 

  • And I have just had a series of 8 loss out of 8 fight. 
  • No news about the power gating? Or any other changes in HA mode that'd benefit more the players? 
  • There won't be for a while. The new update just rolled out and it's a pretty big one because it includes new creatures and a brand new game mode -- the Blot Festival. All eyes are on that at the moment.
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    Last season (still few hours running) i looked into my W/L in HA  i use  DK,TH,GW,RM with 19112 power.
    my goal was to play at least 5 matches per day. (usually during evening hours) some days managed do full ten or more.
    always picked the hard option. used few spare tokens to see how they would affect out comes(if at all).
    Token matches gave me 2/2 result.

    results are as follows:

    W/L ratio: 35/18 (1,94)
    day 1: 4/2
    day 2: 4/1
    day 3: 4/2
    day 4: 10/3
    day 5: 5/7
    day 6: 5/1
    day 7: 3/2

    pretty sure as a casual player i could improve my win % from 51% to 54% just by lvl up VB to 10 and it having both least 5 lvl idols

    But I learned that AI controls enemy comebacks, stack drops, everything.
    the game wants you to spent money one it and it pushes you to do it by making you lose.
    I have played this game for about 1 and half years. now a days game is all about pay to win. well more like pay ALOT to win. if what i read is true i don't see myself spending a penny to this game since there is no point spent 10€ now and then for no factual gain.
  • Tarayun said:

    The AI has buffed combination luck depending on how much points you stand to gain from the fight. Not only that, but the AI knows exactly where creatures will be summoned.

    In one fight it moved a grimchop to where it will need 1 to make a big one, and a bear to a bear above the 2 grimchops and then summoned: BOOM big grimchop and above it a combined bear. Proof that it knows where summons will land.

    In many other cases it would move things and create 4 combinations in one turn. Not joking.

    But the most absurd thing was that it summoned a big cracklehoof out of thin air. There was nothing there, literally nothing and in one summon it just got a big cracklehoof, thats 4 cracklehoofs in a square summoned from nothing.


    Dear developers, is that your idea of balancing the game? The whole 2 moves VS 3 moves was just a distraction from the change you really implemented in the hero arena and thats true cheating AI. So the AI has to cheat to win? Really?

    Anyone with a brain after many arena matches can figure out what I say here is true. So undo this disgusting idea of yours and make arena fair again.

    Down load az screen recorder it can record your game and upload footage here or on YouTube 
  • The game is definitely not pay to win. You can't just walk in, drop a large chunk of cash, and have a winning team. You have to play A LOT to earn your wins and build up your team. Sure, paying money will make it go faster, and will help "push you over the top" when it comes to certain aspects of the game, but you cannot just buy a top spot in this game, there's too much you have to earn. I know the devs have gone to very great lengths to make this game avoid the P2W plague that has killed so many other games.
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