AI in Hero Arena is literally cheating

The AI has buffed combination luck depending on how much points you stand to gain from the fight. Not only that, but the AI knows exactly where creatures will be summoned.

In one fight it moved a grimchop to where it will need 1 to make a big one, and a bear to a bear above the 2 grimchops and then summoned: BOOM big grimchop and above it a combined bear. Proof that it knows where summons will land.

In many other cases it would move things and create 4 combinations in one turn. Not joking.

But the most absurd thing was that it summoned a big cracklehoof out of thin air. There was nothing there, literally nothing and in one summon it just got a big cracklehoof, thats 4 cracklehoofs in a square summoned from nothing.


Dear developers, is that your idea of balancing the game? The whole 2 moves VS 3 moves was just a distraction from the change you really implemented in the hero arena and thats true cheating AI. So the AI has to cheat to win? Really?

Anyone with a brain after many arena matches can figure out what I say here is true. So undo this disgusting idea of yours and make arena fair again.


  • Hi Tarayun,

    I haven't heard of instances of AI cheating. Would it be possible for you to make a screen recording and post it here? This way it's easier to see what happened.

  • Myself and several of my clan mates have experienced suspect A.I. (If it wants to win it will regardless.)

    I’ve lost twice without even having a turn (A.I. 1st turn create Sunburst, 2nd turn unleash 5-6 creatures for instawin.) This has happened to others in our clan too. We have discussed the solution - namely, to drop Arenas until the A.I. isnt ever starting first. It’s daft to have to resort to such extremes to avoid rigged A.I. but clearly nothing is going to be done about it.

  • Hi Jeroboam and Tarayun,

    Thanks for adding in details for the AI. I'll let the game studio look into if there's an issue with the game mechanics for the Hero Arena.

  • Hey there! Hero Arena is not rigged, it’s just random. Calling it an “AI” is a an overstatement, imho. I enter the arena with all characters at level 3, the opponents are all at 2 - they win, no matter how many games in a row I play. Some other days I enter with all level 3, the opponents enter with all 4 and 5- I win several battles in a row. 

    We need real people playing in the arena, not a pair of dice. This is the biggest let down of the game! Please change something so we don’t leave completely. You may need our money. 

  • Just fix it lots of ppl are having the s(h)ame issue.. Make pvp with queue and let's have a normal fight befirebwe r. i. p mobiles. That's more clear than the oil war that something really dirty is going on arena

  • I concur. The hero arena is by far my least favorite game mode -- I do my obligatory 2 plays to get my daily quest quota, but it's usually not fun, nor requires much, if any, skill. Levels of characters don't matter. Strategy doesn't matter. It comes down to luck. Did you get the dice roll in your favor or did your opponent? It seems as though the matches are usually unbalanced, and become frustratingly so, when the opponent gets combo after combo and crit after crit each turn, and you can barely make one combo.

  • I can't get 500 to save my life.  I win 1 and lose 3.  Sometimes I can't get a turn before they kill me with 4 4x4s off RNG.  Cheaters.

  • I completely agree with Tarayun. To the point that I signed up to this forum to share my game experience! 
    Beside the fact that you play against overpowering opponents who block almost every attack and make as many critical hits, the most frustrating part is that they always seem to have top summons when they call in. During my last play I had to summon three times in order to have one character right, let alone the right combination.
    I can understand the fact that I play against high level opponents which requires more strategy and careful selection of your characters but what can I do against "cheer lucky" summons when i get absolutely none!!!
    This is RIDICULOUS. I was so happy to find a clash of heroes game like on android but it's getting so frustrating that I don't even want to play anymore, even more so that I spent money in it..
    You guys have to do something about it! And quickly!
  • This game mode is incredibly toxic. I have done well despite my annoyance with it. And I am even more agitated that I have to do my best in order to upgrade the abundantly obvious creatures that are much better picks in their tier. To many sandbaggers, and they are all the way to the bottom ladders. These players hog all the best rewards for that ladder and it's a reoccurring theme all the way up. I've had to fight against maxed rank legendaries or most every fight is close in PL, or they way out number me. Randomly, I ocassionaly beat these accounts but it isn't often enough. And I come pretty close to not getting or actually don't get my 55 wins. I mostly go for the buffs and daily rewards, but it would be nice to not feel like it's less fun and not care about the mode. Deal with the overpowered bullies hogging the good rewards, and deal with the reward system, that clearly incentives sandbaggers. Other than that I'd say boosters need ban hammers, and should be banned long enough to reset there trophies to zero 
  • No answers from the developers? 
  • for what it is worth to you, the team that does work in the forums, is mostly silent. They dont communicate, unless feel compelled. They don't participate, unless compelled. I seriously doubt you get a reply, at all.
  • I could go on and on about killer wall accounts which make a 30 second match.  I barely get to see the opening screen when the killer walling starts Raven and the Tree.  This is serious OP benefit they get and it continues to kill several round after the opening
  • You probably won't get a response from the developers here. Your best bet is talking to an ambassador and getting their opinion. I am an ambassador, so you're in luck. I have been running an experiment since the revamp update (until this current season) on the HA win rates. I have played all my matches on AI, always with the same lineup (WW, Hoof, VB, Ravens) and always choose the opponent on top. I have a power score of 19973. In GM3, I have always finished with a win rate of 55-60% over the course of 4 seasons using this method. I am now playing by hand to determine if I can improve on that win percentage by human strategy, or to see if it it is just an outcome of RNG that will determine my win rate.

    If you are not winning at least 50% or your matches, chances are you are doing something wrong with your tactics and moves, or chosing the wrong creatures to use in HA.
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