Patch Notes - V:

The new update is now available! If you'd like to know on.

Patch Notes V:

*The Dungeons!

     - A new game mode for guilds.  Venture deep into the dungeons and slay the bosses.

*Guild leaderboards!

     - Glory awaits you and your Guild. See how you rank amongst other Guilds and become the most powerful in Solgard.

*Guild Details!

     - Guilds can now add region/country information and players, and players can search by locale.

*Improved Guild section!

     - Boss damage now in Dungeon activity section. Who’s your star player in your Guild? Is it you?

*Yule event & NEW CREATURE!

     - Get MYSTALS from playing Rainbow and Treasure Hunt events during the YULE event and unlock the brand new creature; Stone Fist!

     - Event Starts 25th Dec at 00.00 UTC+0 and ends on 29th Dec 20.00 UTC+0

*Progress Update!

     - There’s now a bar in game mode screen to show what feature unlocks next for players.

*Even more game balancing and tech wizardry. (full details below)



*The small (but important) bits:


- Bounties: Slight increase (3-5%) gold on the higher half of bounty levels

- Bounty Live event gold rewards have been increased by ~100 gold

- Hero Arena: Increased diamonds from 5,5,5,5 per encounter, to 5,7,9,10

- Loyalty level requirements have been decreased for the early levels.

- Reduced block on Rungner when hitting him with the wrong unit colour. Was 50% is now nerfed to 15%

- Stun bombs now also do a little bit of damage.

- Increased gold from chests. Upgrade chests now contain a lot more gold (8-10 times more!!).

- Boss Arena unlocks at level 11.

- Daily Quest chest now contains a small daily dose of diamonds.

- Campaign levels 56, 63, 70, 72, 80, 99, and 101 have been made slightly less difficult.

- Locations of various treasure hunt encounters have been changed and some locations removed.


  • When is Solgard going to be released in the United States? I keep having to apk it.

  • We're working on it Bombero.

    In other news...time to defeat my next opponent in the Hero Arena...




  • "Well I guess I'm your huckleberry..." ;-)

  • hey guys, do you check stonefist skill tutorial?

    the skill didn't show up, and i lose the battle

  • Posted by punkacheron 7 hours ago

    hey guys, do you check stonefist skill tutorial?

    the skill didn't show up, and i lose the battle



    Yes, I noticed that too. At least for the second skill of Stonefist, The first skill tutorial I won, the second skill tutorial, I keep losing.


    That happened to me for a bit with the Wyrm Wrangled too. But eventually started working.

  • Posted by punkacheron a day ago

    hey guys, do you check stonefist skill tutorial?

    the skill didn't show up, and i lose the battle

    The 'Shatter' does not reach actual minimum potential, until Level 4.

  • Thanks for reporting on the stone fist tutorial, the issue was caused by one of the abilities being boosted in during the event and the tutorials not supporting that particular case.

    The issue could be resolved already now that the event is over, but we'll have a closer look to make sure all cases are covered. My rank 4 Stone Fist works as intended now.

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