Game crashes while loading since 19.12.2017

Hello Support,

sadly I am not able to start the game since yesterday. When i activate the game i get the King/Snowprint-Screen for about 10 to 15 seconds and then it throws me back on my homescreen.

Could this be an update-issue for the game runed pefectly fine since installation




  • Hi Sverdsønn,

    We just released a new version of the game, does the problem persist in the new version?

    Thank you,


  • Just updated the game. Issue still happens the same way :(

  • Sorry to hear that :/

    Did you ever set your own player name in the game? If so, could you please share that?


  • edited December 2017

    Thx for fast replay - sry for my late. Was busy during the hollydays.

    Player-Name is set to Sverdsonn (or Sverdsønn) dont remeber which one - depends on the ø is possible of not.

    For i am using a Galaxy Note Edge it could be simply to weak in performance to run the game :(

  • Its Sverdsonn.

    I installed a Android-Emulator to continue playing on PC for now :D

    Nonetheless it would be awesome to play on phone again ;)

  • Thanks Svedersønn!

    We have added this issue to our internal bug tracking and I hope to be able to give you more information soon. Glad to hear that you found a work around for now :)


  • Hi Svedersønn,

    We've been following up on this and are unable to locate the reason for the crashes you are seeing. We will continue to investigate on our side and we suspect you are right about the performance of the device you are using. In the meantime, we see that you have managed to connect to google to save your progress. Have you tried deleting and installing the game again and then connect to google to get your progress back? If you do, please let us know if it works as it will help us in our troubleshooting. 


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