Does this game have any actual skill?

Is there actual skill involved in this game or are wins just determined by whoever gets the luckiest unit placement? It seems to be the latter for me so far.


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    There is a lot of knowledge about resource management, creature management, strategy, prediction and chance. When you consider the amount of creature stats, Embla stats, opponent line-up, opponent behavior, understanding of battle fields, and much more, the game is quite complex. There is a very good depth of knowledge and skill to develp in this game. Check out this resource page to learn more about the game mechanics: Xarly - Useful guides and links to get you started. Your skill and know-how will greatly define whether you'll win or lose.

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    "creature stats, Embla stats" - These are just numbers. If my numbers are higher than yours I have a higher chance of winning. Nothing is strategic about this."opponent line-up, opponent behavior" - This appears to be just the opponent matching 3+ whereever they see an opportunity to. I don't see any strategy in this."game is quite complex" - Complexity doesn't necessarily mean there's strategy, especially if the units you get, and their positions is randomized.

  • the truth is, this game has a high tendancy towards luck.  I can play the same level twice with the same strategy and get my butt kicked the first time and then win easily the 2nd time simply because the creatures that come out land in the right spot.


    that being said, as previous stated, there still is a lot of skill involved in being efficient at not wasting your limited (3) moves per turn (which includes resource management).

  • As a person who completed the campaign and took first place finish in this weeks arena. Yes, I would say a lot of skill is involved. The upper levels of campaign are painstakingly brutal. You need to put up both offense and defense, counterplay and attack. Full fledged offense can only take you so far before you get absolutely obliterated on turn 2 on a stage like 137. Early on the game may seem easy, because they constantly are adding new mechanics as you go further into the story. Even up into the final battle you're being thrown against new tactics. I won't ruin what they have hidden as the tactic they use there, but it had me verbally shout, "Woah" in the breakroom at work.

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