Guild ranking?

I have been looking but I do not understand what makes a guild go up in rank.  Can someone please explain?


  • Hi there Richard.

    I recall it was mentioned in one of the blog posts. Have a look here:

  • I see several guilds in the top 25 that show much less damage dealt to bosses and minions than my guild, but to my understanding and according to your guide, the way for a guild to advance in rank is to do more damage to bosses and minions than other guilds. Can you help me understand why they are ranked higher while doing so much less damage?
  • @Shewullf

    The leaderboard ranking is based primarily on damage done to the Boss. This is indicated by the number next to the "Skull" icon. The damage done to the crystals does not factor into the guild's ranking. Crystal Damage is indicated by the little "Crystal Formation" icon that is under the "skull" on the leader board.

    Here's an Example:  
    - Guild #1 has 1,000 damage done on the boss and 10,000 damage done to the crystals 
    - Guild #2 has 1,500 damage done on the boss and 1,000 damage done to the crystals

    Guild #2 will be ranked ahead of guild #1 even though guild #1 has done more damage to the boss & crystals combined.
  • Are you on the same boss?  The score for each boss is given seperately.

    in this screenshot nightswatch are on boss 3/4 with zero score.
    but phonix are still only on boss 2/4 so are a boss behind.

    so everyone I should ranked first by the realm they are in.
    then by the boss they are on.
    then by the score against the boss.
    then presumably by score against the crystal if there is a tie, but I have never seen that.

  • Hi, guys. How to change the guild? Thanks.
  • MadScientist, Nightswatch have completed 2/4 and are now scoring toward 3/4 (which means they have scored all points needed to complete 2/4 in Niflheim). Think of it as a sports win at this point. They have won 2 games. Phönix hasn’t won their second game yet. Nightswatch is working toward their third win even though they haven’t scored yet in their third game. Bjorn Ironside has won their second game and is currently winning by 1739 in their third game. Don’t look at the crystal number as an indication of score - Since Nightswatch is likely close to destroying all crystals thus making it easy to score big against boss, they’ll quickly surpass Bjorn. Bjorn needs to weaken the crystals or they’ll not do much damage to the boss and be sluggish to advance. Nightswatch will even likely surpass WrathOfLoki soon because that teams crystals are still strong and that will hinder WrathOf Loki’s ability to effectively hit the boss. If you’re gonna look at crystal score, only look at it as the intensity of which a guild can speed through the boss - In baseball terms, boss points are runs (score) crystal points are hits (effectiveness). Only runs win baseball games. Hits help win baseball games, but 100 hits and 0 runs = 0. But keep in mind Nightswatch has won 2 games, Phönix has only won 1 (they are on the 3rd game and second game respectively). I can come up with another analogy if you’re more familiar with something else... I’m just watching baseball is all :-)
  • I know. Wasn't me that was asking 🙂
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