New Special Event - WANTED!

New Special Event - WANTED!

Thieving bandits have made off with a load of Gold and Sun Gems.
- Defeat them all to recover the treasure!

All you'll have to do is make sure you're at least at Hero level 6 before the event starts.

The event starts today at 17.00 GMT and ends 3rd of September at 17.00 GMT.

Bounty Mobs will run daily back to back for the duration of the event so you'll get plenty of chances to grab Gold and Sun Gems!

Don't forget that you can also win Diamonds in our forum contest!

Good luck in shaking the loot from the Mob Bosses!


  • edited August 2018

    I'm already prepared for those Mob Bosses. All my characters and I are ready to make sure that those bandits get what they deserve when they come in a few hours!

  • Don't smugly think you'll have no trouble handling your company's 100th anniversary party because you hosted a smash silver anniversary party for your parents. hahaha

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