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Hi guys,

Good news for all of you playing in Guilds! I’ve heard some solid rumours that the next update of Solgard will contain a lot of new features so I just wanted to give a heads-up and let you in on some of the new features the Game Studio is currently working on.

First of all; Guilds will get a dedicated leader board where you can compare your Guild against other Guilds. Time to proudly show your battle skills, ranks and Guild banner for your competitors.

No more grind looting! Some Guild members have had brief affairs with other Guilds once the loot had to be shared. We decided to change a few parameters – let’s call it a “cool down, have some ice-tea and a dry freeloader biscuit” phase where we have tightened the knots on max turns per game as well as a cooldown phase for switching Guild. Loyal Guild members are the ones who rightfully should benefit from battle quests and this update will make things right.

We have also added Tiers and Sets like the ones you have when playing in Bounty game mode. Each set has a number of encounters - one of them is a Boss encounter while the others are Crystal Encounters. I’ve added some screenshots below so you can have an idea of how it looks. Crystal Encounters have the goal of shattering a crystal while fending of a Draugr in the color of the Crystal.

Boss encounters work as you already are familiar with, where the main goal is to defeat the boss by dealing as much damage as possible in as many turns as possible.

Strategy tip: If you focus your strategy on damaging the Crystal so that it shatters then the Boss encounter will have weakened his defence and you’ll be able to beat him with less effort.

Guilds have until the end of a 6 week season to finish as many Tiers as possible, after which time the season will reset and new battles can begin.
Guild leader boards will show ranking of guilds based on Tier, Sets and finally Encounter points.

The new Guild features are currently in work production and we plan on having the features available soon. Please check back here in the announcement section as well as keeping an eye out for update announcements on Facebook and Twitter.


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