Changed Phones, Need Help

I created a guild when I had my android phone and traded it in for an iPhone. I was able to join my guild using my new phone but I need to become leader again and I don’t know how to do that since I don’t have access to my android phone anymore. My username is gigglyhippyios and my old name which is the leader is gigglyhippy. I need gigglyhippyios to be the leader. Thank you for you help!!





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    Hi Gigglyhippy,

    Tricky but you could try the following steps:

    1. Grab a friend that has an Android phone
    2. Create a new profile on the phone with your Google Account
    3. Install Solgard from the Play Store
    4. Play the intro levels until you can get to the settings menu in the game
    5. Connect to Google Play in order to retrieve your saved game settings
    6. Game will restart and you should now be able to enter your Guild as leader and nominate your other player profile
    7. Done :-)



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     I also read that if the leader stays inactive for 21 days the next in line officer would take over. So, we may just wait till then. Thanks! 

  • If you're next in command and can wait then yeah - def also an option! :-)

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