Tusker War Call

Tusker War Call increases strength and critical hit chance of adjacent creatures. You can see symbols floating above the buffed creatures. But after a few turns, the strength symbols disappear, leaving only the critical hit chance symbols. Is this a bug?


  • Hi there Solgardian!

    Any chance you have a few screenshots of how it looks on your screen? I'll then be able to check up on if it's a glitch in the game.

  • Here is a sample from youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySE_p-aB-LY

    Look at time 1:48. The Tusker on column 2 and 3 is combined. The Grimchop at column 4 behind a barrier now has strength 2 symbol and critical hit chance symbol floating above it. Fast forward to time 2:56. Look at that same Grimchop, now behind a combined Hobling. The strength symbol is gone and the critical hit chance symbol is still there.


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